An e-marketplace is a type of e-commerce site where products are provided by the participating retailers or wholesalers, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.

Amazon and eBay are the most commonly known marketplaces; however, marketplaces such as Newegg, Rakuten, MercadoLibre, Allegro, Tmall and many more are crowding the space. The established nature of these marketplaces make them a logical place for sellers to begin selling.

Modern shoppers are likely starting their search on a third-party marketplace – if you aren’t there, you’re missing an opportunity to sell.

Why eMarketplaces?

  • Access to customers in a trusted environment
  • Excellent way to test the local demand for your products
  • Truly local: local language, local currencies, local payment methods, local delivery methods, comply with all local legal terms and conditions, product selection to appeal to local cultures and tastes
  • You keep control of the brand
  • You keep control of pricing
  • Fully integrated IT and stock control management systems with full reporting already set up

Costs and Resources

Listing on a eMarketplace is not free and you need to check all the costs involved including:

  • Listing fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Currency / Conversion charges
  • Delivery options, returns and local support
  • Local language speaker or help with providing customer service
  • Promotion (newsletter inclusion, pay-per-click campaigns, special placements, etc.)

Costs vary from eMarketplace to eMarketplace

What can go wrong?

  • Are you excellent in the home market? (order fulfilment and customer service)
  • Can your product travel? Cost of transportation may be prohibitive to success
  • Are you willing to modify your products – if necessary – and deal with different cultures?
  • Do you have sufficient resources (human and financial) to handle expansion?
  • Are you aware of the legal and regulatory issues related to exporting to other countries? (trademark squatted, online payment fraud, guarantees and warranties, duties and taxes, labelling, etc.)
  • Neglecting overseas customers when the domestic market is booming

How can help you

  • Advise you on which marketplace will be most suitable for your product and chosen market
  • Advise you on what you need to set up that account
  • Information on how to rank well on Amazon
  • Which route to market is most suitable for you
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