What we do

As we cover so many aspects of digital marketing we can really be flexible with the work that we can do for you. We look at all your digital marketing and then assess your business needs and where the time would be best spent. We can then agree a set number of hours per month and complete a digital marketing plan and what we will be working on. We will allocate days to come and work in your office as well, so we can really get involved in the business.

We want to work with your team and up skill them so eventually you may not even need us anymore! That for us is not a loss, that is why we are different to other agencies.

Why we are different

  • We will assess the number of hours per month regularly so if you don’t need as many we can reduce them
  • We only want you to pay for what you need
  • We will be open and transparent, so you know exactly what you are paying for
  • We are also restrictive on the number of clients we can take on so the hours we quote are the hours you get
  • We will aim to work in your office for the day on a bi-monthly basis so you get good quality face to face contact  
  • You get a dedicated account manager for all aspects of the work 
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