Digital Strategy and Plan

We can help you to formulate your digital strategy and guide you in the right direction. Using your analytical data we can provide you with an in-depth digital strategy guide, which covers:

Existing Resource & Situational Analysis

Using your analytical data we can see where you are currently performing and which sections need more work

RACE Objectives 

We use RACE to help you to plan and manage your activities in a more structured way. It gives structure to the plan and drills down into finding the key KPI’s.

RACE covers the full customer lifecycle or marketing funnel from: Reach > Act > Convert > Engage

Digital in 2023 and Beyond

Looking at how Google uses search and how to make sure you are futureproofed

SEO and Domain Authority

Looking at your current SEO positions and domain authority


Auditing your current backlinks and looking at where you can make gains

Competitor Analysis

Looking at competitors digital presence and how we can take the best of what they do and implement it into our strategy


A list of recommendations on how to improve your digital presence, focusing around online visibility.


A list of actions for each recommendation

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